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Spare parts for Firepacks

Spare Parts for Firepacks
WB Firepacks offers an extensive package of spare parts for all of our products, such as replacement filters, pumps, valves, and other service items. This lets us guarantee the use of original components in your fire security installation – thereby safeguarding reliability, performance, and efficiency.

WB Firepacks has its own service department to ensure rapid response. We understand the importance of a swift supply of components, particularly in case of unexpected failure. Your building’s or location’s fire safety must never be put at risk. Parts can be supplied as early as the next day, making rapid repairs possible.

Professional Service Engineers Support
The WB Firepacks Service Engineers have extensive knowledge of Firepacks and their related components. During a service inspection, the Service Engineers are able to quickly ascertain which replacements are needed. Where desired, they can also install the components to ensure you of a fully and properly functioning installation.

Want more information about Firepack-components?
We are happy to offer recommendations regarding the specific components for your pump installations for fire extinguishing systems. Please fill in the contact form below for more information, or contact the Service Department for specific questions.


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