Pump sets for water mist

Water mist installation: optimal fire protection, minimum quantity of water

Pump sets for water mist

Are the goods sensitive to moist, then usually a water mist installation is opted for. For instance data centres or museums. But also an environment where people are not self-sufficient, a water mist installation will be quite suitable, like care homes and hospitals.

A water mist installation detects a fire at an early stage. The high response rate demands a pump set with the same condition. One must be able to rely on the system starting to function immediately, in the event of a fire. There are two types of water mist installations: high pressure water mist (HI PR) and low pressure water mist (LO PR). The higher the pressure, the finer the mist, the more heat will be absorbed and the less water consumption. WB Firepacks offers solutions for both systems. We will assist you in determining the most economically and technically justified solution for your situation.

Did you know that a water mist installation has a long lifespan and that also a smaller water supply is required, in comparison with a traditional sprinkler installation? This makes the water mist installation a sustainable investment! 

High pressure water mist


Capaciteit|tot 2000 l/min
Druk|tot 140 bar
Vermogen|tot 600 Kw

When extinguishing a fire using a High pressure water mist installation, the water is converted into a mist under high pressure. This limits the amount of water required, and causes less water damage, resulting in faster business recovery. High pressure water mist installations are used frequently in environments that would suffer severely from water damage, such as data centres, museums, libraries, and rooms with high value equipment. The environments in question tend to require a large surface area, which has certain consequences for the capacity and pressure required. To generate the required level of pressure, the High pressure water vapour installation is usually powered by a diesel motor.

Low Pressure Watermist

The Low Pressure water mist installation is specifically suited to locations that require less pressure. Water mist is entirely harmless for human beings. The Low Pressure water mist installations increases available flight time, making this solutions eminently suitable for a building that houses people who are not self-reliant. Examples are hospitals, care homes, prisons, schools, and day care centres. The Low Pressure Water mist installation is powered by an electromotor.


Capaciteit|tot 1500 l/min
Druk|tot 14 bar
Vermogen|tot 50 Kw
Voorschriften|NFPA-20 /  NEN-EN12845

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