Prefab pump rooms for your fire safety

Prefab pump room

WB Firepacks manufactures complete pump room to guarantee your fire security. WB Firepacks can relief you by designing, building and deliver you a Prefab pump room. From consultancy and design to commissioning, we take care of everything.

The Prefab pump chamber is constructed in accordance with the latest regulations and quality requirements. The base of a Prefab pump chamber is 3.2 metres wide by 3.2 meters tall, with a length between 4 to 12 metres. Units can be linked for a customised fit to create exactly the pump chamber you need. Following construction, the complete installation is tested for proper functioning and functionality in-house. Next, the Prefab pump chamber is transported to and implemented at your location.

Prefab pump room


  • Container or pump room equipped with sprinkler installation.
  • With discharge, suction, and test pipes.
  • With full electric installation, lighting, heat, etc.
  • In all combinations of pumps and engines.
  • Self-bearing construction.
  • 60 and 120 minutes of fire protection.
  • Insulation value up to 3.1 W/m2/°C.

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"I will talk to installers and end users to find out together what their needs are in terms of new construction. When we have identified the need, I will advise you on which solution(s) are most suitable!"

Sjaak Blom