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Operating boxes

Oplossingen - besturingskasten - WB CAN

WB -CAN Controller

The WB Firepacks WB-CAN Controller has the same functionality as the regular Firepacks controller. A major advantage is that the WB-CAN Controller is able to influence engine speed based on pump pressure. And in case of failure, the WB-CAN Controller ensures that the diesel motor shuts down to prevent unnecessary damages (and costs). A data read-out can then determine the cause directly, thereby reducing the recovery and down time of your installation.


  • Gradually build up and reduce speed.
  • Secured diesel motor revolutions (in testing mode).
  • Simplifies and secures weekly testing.
  • Integrated RPM pressure regulator.
  • Data storage.
  • Remote log in capability.
  • Voor elektronische motoren via CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol communicatie verzorgen

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