Foam sets and proportioning systems

Extinguishing foam installation in risk-environments

Foam sets and proportioning systems

Fire is created by a combination of fuel, oxygen and an ignition source. In to extinguish the fire, it is imperative to remove one of those three pillars. When the fire has started due to chemical substances, foam is often used for extinguishing. The foam functions as a blanket to remove the oxygen and, as such, extinguish the fire. Foam sets are often applied at warehouses or business where (large quantities of) hazardous substances are used.

To create foam, a water and foam concentrate must be pumped. For this process we have developed a foam pack, in addition to the Firepack (foam pump). In order to make sure that the exact right quantity of foam concentrate is injected, we developed a proportioning system (EFP). As soon as the water has been mixed with the foam concentrate, it is pumped to the hall and the foam generators will fill the hall with foam.

Oplossingen - schuimsets en bijmengsystemen - electronic foam proportioner (EFP)

Electronic Foam Proportioner (EFP)

The EFP is WB Firepacks’ patented product innovation. This unique, FM-certified syste ensures the right dosage (amount, mixing ratio) of foam and water when extinguishing a fire. There is no loss of foam concentrate from testing, significantly reduced environmental damage and, as a result, substantially lower business costs.

Unique EFP characteristics:

  • No loss of foam from weekly/annual tests.
  • Accuracy is within ± 0.1% of requirements.
  • Admixture percentage is independent of the type of foam used.
  • No loss of pressure to the water flow.
  • Wide dosage parameters.
  • Uses 24 V.
  • In full stainless steel.
  • FM-approved.
  • IP54
Oplossingen - schuimsets en bijmengsystemen - EFP Compack - WB Firepacks

EFP Compack

The EFP Compack is a guarantee for the future. The product combination consists of three components: the drive (electric/diesel), the foam pump (Fire Lion) and a foam proportioning system (the EFP). The components have proven their quality independently of each other. All these components are available with an Approval. The fact that these are combined in a compact way makes this a “plug and play system”. 

Unique EFP Compack characteristics:

  • This system is ready to run; a plug and play system
  • This EFP Compack pursues the highest quality requirements based on the existing certifications
  • Proportioning accuracy is maintained regardless of temperature or viscosity of the foam concentrate
  • Mixing accuracy of 0,1%
  • Test provisions to test the system without actually mixing foam concentrate with water. So no loss of foam concentrate, no environmental damage and significant reduction in costs
  • Self diagnostic

Twin Firepack

The Twin Firepack is a unique application for the use of both water and foam. Two different pumps are powered by a single diesel or electrical motor which, in addition to reducing costs and space requirements, results in greater reliability. This application is often used in the petrochemical industry, in tunnels, in hangars, and on offshore (drilling) platforms.


Vermogen|tot 1000 Kw
Voorschriften|FM, NFPA, EN 12845, CEA
Waterpomp|Capaciteit: 100 – 2000 m3/hr / Druk: tot 16 bar
Schuimpomp|Capaciteit: 0 – 115 m3/hr / Druk: tot 20 bar


Is your environment characterised by the presence of flammable substances, such as petrol, diesel, or kerosine? Then a foam-based fire extinguishing system is the answer. Dousing the fire in a combination of water and a foaming agent shuts down its oxygen supply. Foam extinguishers are often used in the petrochemical industry, in tunnels, in hangars, and on offshore (drilling) platforms. WB Firepacks offers FM Approved foam pumps, guaranteeing the highest standards in safety and quality.


Vermogen|tot 100 Kw
Voorschriften|FM, NFPA, EN 12845, CEA
Capaciteit|0 – 115 m3/hr 
Druk|tot 20 bar


Capaciteit|0-115 m3/u
Druk|tot 20 bar
Vermogen|tot 100 Kw
Voorschriften|FM, NFPA, EN 12845, CEA

Electronic Flow Controller (EFC)

The EFC (Electronic Flow Controller) regulates an optimal dosing of foam in your foam installation. Within 3 seconds an exact admixture of foam-forming agent is created in the water flow. The main advantages are no pressure loss in the water stream and a significant cost saving. The thoughtful design ensures that there is no loss of foam concentrate. In addition, the EFC is suitable for all types of foaming agent and it is possible to subsequently change fabric shapes, type and/or thickness of foaming agent. That makes the EFC of very added value to your foam installation.

Unique EFC characteristics:

  • The correct mixing percentage within 3 seconds.
  • No pressure loss in the water pipe.
  • Self-monitoring.
  • Automated self-check every 24 hours.
  • Applicable for all types of foaming agent.
  • Testing without foam loss.
  • It is possible to change the foaming agent afterwards.
  • It is possible to change the mixing percentage afterwards.

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