Maintenance and repair

Peak performance, thanks to meticulous maintenance.

Maintenance and repair

Our Service Engineers are specialised in maintaining Firepacks and our other solutions, but also pump sets of other manufacturers that you may use. We perform all work activities in the area of maintenance and repair. Our qualified Service Engineers maintain the Firepacks in accordance with regulations to optimise the availability and lifespan. (NFPA, FM, NEN and TB80 regulations).

Preventive maintenance ensures that the fire protection installation is in mint condition throughout the year, avoiding failures and all the related costs and productivity issues. Our service contracts were drawn up to comply with the requirements of different locations. When you take out a service contract, we will perform full maintenance at least once per year. In addition, you can make use of our 24/7 repair service!

During the performance of the maintenance, our Service Engineer could come across parts that do not function properly. By means of the carrying out a repair, he will bring the object back into the original state. To do this, he will make use of first class parts.

Service - Onderhoud en reparatie - WB Firepacks

Regulation and Certification: Ensuring Quality

At WB Firepacks, we set stringent standards for quality. Our technicians undergo thorough training and receive intensive guidance before working independently on projects.

We ensure that our technicians stay continuously informed about the latest regulations, including NFPA, FM, and NEN. This ensures that you can trust your installation to always comply with the latest standards.

Our commitment to quality begins with the training of our technicians and extends to the selection of suppliers. This enables us to guarantee the highest standard to our customers.

Realtime insight in the performance of your Firepack via Firecoach

With Firecoach, you benefit from real-time insight into the performance of your fire suppression system. No inundation of data, but immediately applicable information that allows you to manage your installations remotely.

Firecoach continually monitors all events surrounding your installations, from simple weekly tests to more complex situations. This provides you with in-depth insight into the performance of your system, including factors such as pump capacity, system pressure, fuel levels, and more. This detailed information empowers you to proactively respond to any changes in your system's performance.

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"Installers and end users come to me if they have questions pertaining to the maintenance or inspection. Our Service team keeps the “heart” of your fire-extinguishing system in good condition and assures the functioning at any time necessary!"

Willem den Breejen