Our Service Engineers are ready to serve you!


WB Firepacks does not stop after the commissioning of your Firepack. You can rely on the service of our own Service Engineers 24/7. They keep the ‘heart’ of your fire-extinguishing system in good condition and guarantee the functioning when it is required.

Maintenance and repair

For maintenance on Firepacks and our other products, you can obviously rely on the right quality and service. But also for maintenance on pump sets or other manufacturing, you can turn to us. Our qualified Service Engineers maintain the pump sets in accordance with regulations, to optimise the availability and lifespan. We perform all work activities in the area of management and (preventive) maintenance, so as to guarantee the fire safety at all times.

Inspection and approval

The environmental requirements that a company must adhere to are established in the Activities Decree. This Activities Decree states, as per 2016, that all pump sets must be checked by an SCIOS-certified organisation and checked periodically. WB Firepacks can arrange these checks for you and thus assist you in complying with the regulations.

Wherever and whenever you want!

At WB Firepacks we are flexible and operate in conformity with all applicable regulations, including NFPA, FM, NEN and TB80. We are also the partner for service on your foreign locations. We are there for you.

  • Centrale coordination of all service activities and reachable 24/7 via our service phone number.
  • Quick and reliable delivery of original spare parts.
  • Specialists for maintenance and repair.
  • Specialists for (online) start-up support and commissioning.
  • Non-binding advice from our Engineers for the lifespan of your installation.

Want to know more about our service?

"Installers and end users come to me if they have questions pertaining to the maintenance or inspection. Our Service team keeps the “heart” of your fire-extinguishing system in good condition and assures the functioning at any time necessary!"

Willem den Breejen