Renovation enhances the lifespan of your pump set!


No installation will last forever, even if your pump set is regularly checked and maintained. There comes a time when you will be facing the question: must the pump set be replaced or renovated by replacing a number of parts? We have a specialised team that is occupied with repair and renovations of Firepacks or pump sets of other manufacturers.

From inventory to renovation

The assessment starts with an inventory discussion at your location. During this meeting we trace the need, regulations and specific wishes. We will also make the required footage of your installation. We will use this information at the drawing table and together with our Engineers, we will look into the possibilities for repair and renovation. We provide tailor-made advice, including a clear quotation for the work activities that we recommend, to lengthen the lifespan of your installation. Examples of recommendations are:

  • The overhaul of the pump and/or (diesel) motor.
  • The renewal of the switch cabinet.
  • The replacement of complete pump sets (dimensioning in line with the current situation).
  • The renewal of the entire setup of the pump chamber, including all piping, grids, test piping etc.

After approval of the quotation, we will start working on the planning of the work activities. The work activities can be performed on location or in our workshop in the town of Zwijndrecht.

Revising and replacing

On the basis of this information, our experts will present a suggestion that best fits the situation and your wishes. Often this will concern the revising of the current pump set. Overhaul is rather when, for instance, a certain of engine is no longer available, while it is essential for the replacement of the part one-on-one. When there is not a lot of adjustment to be done on the rest of the installation, the decision will usually be to replace a diesel engine, for instance. Our experts will be glad to think along with you!

Quality service

We hold quality, safety, and the environment in very high regard. WB Firepacks is VCA* accredited, and all Service Engineers carry a safety passport. Waste products like oil, coolant, filters, and batteries are responsibly removed for processing by recognised and accredited waste processors.

Want to know more about renovation?

"No installation lasts forever, even if your Firepack is regularly checked and maintained. There comes a time when you are faced with the question: should the pump set be replaced, or refurbished by replacing a number of parts? Together with my team, we ensure that your installation is back in top condition!"

Roland Stolk