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Only healthy do we have a future. The Slotervaart Center for Care creates space for care and health again. An inviting location where caring, living, doing business, learning, creating, enjoying, inspiring and innovating are all connected. Care does not exist in itself, but in the middle of the world. After all, care belongs to all of us. It connects the future of everything and everyone.

Slotervaart Centrum voor Zorg - projecten - WB Firepacks

The question

The project concerns the large-scale renovation of the so-called cross building of the former Slotervaart Hospital. The building from the seventies is very outdated. Apart from the structural hull, which will remain, all structural components and installations will be completely renewed. This also means that the sprinkler pump must be replaced. The aim of the renovation is to make the transformed building completely future-proof again.

The solution

To meet the demand to make the existing building future-proof, WB Firepacks has also come into the picture. What kind of future does a building have without the right fire extinguishing system? Fire safety is now guaranteed by an electrically and diesel-powered Firepack. The security of Slotervaart Centrum voor Zorg must be guaranteed with these applications.

The challenge

Renovation projects are of course more complex in nature. This is because a tailor-made solution must be made that fits into the existing pump room. In this one it was also a challenge to get to the pump room at all. Fortunately, the machine movers from M.J. van Riel a mini crane on site to get the Firepack of approximately 1,000 kg into the basement of the building. The space in the basement was very limited. As a result, it was not the easiest job, but this challenge was also successfully completed.

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"I will talk to installers and end users to find out together what their needs are in terms of new construction. When we have identified the need, I will advise you on which solution(s) are most suitable!"

Roland Stolk

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