The Sloecentrale is an extremely advanced gas-fired power plant with a capacity of 870 megawatts. This allows two million households to meet their daily energy needs. Thanks to the high reliability and flexibility of the plant, it responds quickly to changing market conditions such as the price of gas, renewable energy sources and network conditions.

Sloecentrale - WB Firepacks V3

The question

In addition to the high reliability and flexibility, Sloecentrale has Safety as its top priority. An important, but specific part of this is fire safety.

Following a recommendation report from the insurer, with the objective of achieving the HPR (High Protected Risk) status, Sloecentrale has started to develop the recommendations on a project basis and to investigate how these improvement projects can be carried out.

One of the recommendations is to optimize fire safety in the event of oil fires.

The solution

The Sloecentrale looks to the future with confidence. They continue to develop the plant into a maximum safe environment. Minimax Brandbeveiliging B.V. has been appointed to manage everything related to the installation work in the right direction. For this installation, Minimax Fire Protection wants to use a tailor-made solution.

The Sloecentrale has been informed by various parties to come to a solution that is suitable for this specific location. The UPD resulted in the advice to opt for a foam extinguishing with an electronic mixing system. The choice of Minimax fell on the products of WB Firepacks. In addition to Approved Diesel and electrically driven foam pumps, WB Firepacks also supplies a Approved electronic mixing system (the Electronic Foam Proportioner, abbreviated EFP).

It is not just an EFP in this project. For this project, an EFP Skid was chosen. This means that in addition to the EFP, an electric motor and Fire Lion foam pump are also mounted. In this way, the Sloecentrale has two beautiful compact Skids.

The challenges

The challenges The new foam extinguishing system is a replacement for the existing sprinkler system and it was a challenge to carry out the project with minimal unavailability of the plant and the current fire extinguishing systems. For example, a branch was made on the existing fire extinguishing ring pipe, which could only be carried out during a maintenance stop. In addition, various logics in the software of the fire alarm panels had to be adjusted so that they were temporarily unavailable.

In the design phase, preference was given to a 1% blending foam, but in the context of sustainability and the environment, we started looking for a Fluorine-free foam that can still be used after 2025. From this moment on, it is forbidden to use Fluorinated foam. This brought with it the necessary challenges. Where the blending percentage of Fluorinated foam is 1%, the blending percentage of Fluorine-free foam is 3%. For the EFP, this does not technically matter, because the blending percentage is easy to adjust. But this does result in the foam tank becoming three times as large. This has caused a small delay, but all parties are happy that we have been able to complete the project with relatively few adjustments.

Despite the various challenges and the strongly changing market, the execution of the project was successful, partly thanks to the very good cooperation between all parties. Sloecentrale has now reached the HPR status.

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