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INEOS Aromatics is one of the world leaders in the production of PTA. INEOS Aromatics' main products are purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and paraxylene (PX). PTA is mainly used for the production of polyester fibres, films and packaging, such as  PET bottles. PX is a raw material for the production of PTA.


The question

INEOS Aromatics is a Seveso company. This is a company that produces, treats, stores or transports hazardous substances. These substances can be flammable, toxic or explosive. It goes without saying that in this context a well-developed underground fire water network is crucial to deploy in the event of calamities. A substantial part of the underground fire water network on the site in Geel (Belgium) was due for replacement after more than 50 years. The new installation had to be of high quality, durable and user-friendly and had to comply with NFPA guidelines. An important element in the design was the modular flexible aspect whereby the induction loop network can be further expanded to grow with the organization's plans for the future.

The solution

In its search for possible answers, WB Firepacks came across the prefab pump room. This can be used flexibly and can be built up modularly in case of possible expansion.

The dimensions of the prefab pump room are 18 x 6 m, making it the largest pump room ever produced by WB Firepacks. It contains 3 diesel-driven pumps (800m³/h) and an electrically driven jockey pump, the motor capacity of which can be increased. The outer wall is provided with an RF Coating, the underground pipes of AVK valves. Quality has always been the determining factor in both the choice of materials and technology.  

The challenge

The design takes into account the size and flexibility of the pump room, so that it can be dismantled during transport, but also expandable in case of possible new future plans of the company.  

The biggest challenge was keeping maintenance costs under control. The solution for this lies in the middle: INEOS Aromatics takes care of the weekly tests, while the annual maintenance is carried out by WB Firepacks.

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