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HES Hartel Tank Terminal

As a result of the construction of a new tank park, HES Hartel Tank Terminal has joined forces with Cegelec Belgium for, among other things, fire protection installations. The request from HES HTT was that water and foam concentrate should be supplied for various tank wells. In addition, it is important that this is delivered on the basis of set margins. 

The question

The 54 tanks of HES HTT are equipped with a cooling and extinguishing system. To realize this, HES HTT has joined forces with Cegelec Belgium.

WB Firepacks has been contracted by Cegelec Belgium for the equipment of the pump room. The request was twofold: a pump room for supplying water and a pump room for supplying foam concentrate. Given the flammability of the goods within HES HTT, it is important that the correct amount of foam is allocated.

The solution

The pump room for the water supply is equipped with three diesel powered vertical shaft. These pump the water from the Hartel Canal to the various tanks.

In the second pump room (supply of foam) is provided three diesel powered Foampacks. These sets are available to pump the foam concentrate to the tanks. The correct amount of foam concentrate must then be administered. For this reason there is one per tank pit EFC (Electronic Flow Controller) installed. This EFC ensures an admixture percentage of 3% foam concentrate in combination with 97%

The challenge

The biggest challenge was the very long distance between the water and foam concentrate source and the tank pits. We are dealing with a 27 hectare site with 54 tanks. The water and foam concentrate are pumped to the tanks via two underground pipes. 

Cegelec Belgium performed a live foam test in collaboration with HES HTT in tank pit 4. During this test, the entire tank pit had to be completely filled with foam after 5 minutes. The purpose of this test was to see whether all systems met the predetermined requirements. The results of the test were positive. There was a full foam coverage after 5 minutes. The admixture percentage of the foam was also within the predetermined margins.

About HES Hartel Tank Terminal

HES International is a group of dry and liquid bulk companies in Europe, but with their center of gravity in the Netherlands. HES Hartel Tank Terminal focuses specifically on the storage and transhipment of fuels, such as petrol, diesel and marine fuels. There are 54 tanks with a capacity of approximately 1.3 million m3 on the 27-hectare site.

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