Aalberts integrated piping systems

Aalberts integrated piping systems supplies connection and valve technology within the installation sector. From its own production location in the Netherlands, it supplies piping systems and fittings throughout Europe and beyond. Aips offers the widest and deepest range of reliable compression, groove, press and push systems made of thick and thin-walled metal or plastic, applicable in residential and non-residential construction, industry, fire protection and shipbuilding.
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The question

Aalberts integrated piping systems was looking for a solution for their production location. It was important that with a view to the future they may need a second sprinkler pump.

The solution

A great order for WB Firepacks: the delivery of a prefab pump room, including water tank and intermediate piping for the Hilversum production location of Aalberts integrated piping systems (formerly VSH). WB Firepacks carried out the project on behalf of Croonwolter&dros.

The dimensions of the pump room are obvious: 12x3x3 meters (lxwxh) with a weight of about 12,000 kg. The pump room contains, among other things, a Diesel Firepack with horizontal split-case pump and diesel switch box. Should a second sprinkler pump be necessary in the future, this has already been taken into account in the pump room. “Various suppliers came together in this project, such as Westtanks for the water tank and BES for the piping between the water tank and pump room. A good feeling when the project is delivered to everyone's satisfaction," says Roland Stolk, project manager at WB Firepacks.

The challenge

The production location is located in a residential area in Hilversum. The narrow access roads made transportation extra challenging. Due to a good preliminary assessment and implementation by our partner Maat Transport, we finally succeeded in delivering the prefab without damage and putting it into operation.

The customer's response

“We have carefully selected the parties on behalf of the customer.
WB Firepacks has ample experience and has proven itself with similar projects.
We can look back on a great collaboration.”

Willem Steenbeek, projectcoördinator bij Croonwolter&dros.

Want to know more about renovation?

No installation lasts forever, even if your Firepack is regularly checked and maintained. There comes a time when you are faced with the question: should the pump set be replaced, or refurbished by replacing a number of parts? Together with my team, we ensure that your installation is back in top condition!

Brandl Kannekens

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