Prefab pump room

Prefab pump room

Conventional pump room construction is a complex interplay of designers, structural contractors, electrical installers, mechanical installers, suppliers and subcontractors. This great diversity of activities on location requires a lot of coordination and coordination.

The WB Firepacks prefab pump rooms are complete prefab installed pump rooms, which are delivered ready to use on the project. It is a “plug and play” solution. 

Prefab pompkamer - INEOS Aromatics - WB Firepacks

Main features

  • The Prefab pump room is delivered 'turnkey'. That is to say: only the discharge, suction and test lines need to be connected and the pump room needs to be supplied with power.
  • The Prefab pump room is tested for functionality before delivery. We hereby offer the possibility to invite end customers for a Factory Acceptance Test in our well-equipped test room.
  • The prefab pump room can be arranged flexibly. In the past, for example, pump rooms were supplied with a built-in foam tank. Your wishes are our starting point for creative solutions.
  • You will receive a reliable installation from us that meets the highest requirements and is built with love for the profession

Product information


  • Stable steel frame construction built on a reinforced and torsionally rigid floor construction.
  • Walls and ceilings consist of fire-resistant (60 to 120 minutes) acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Floor mounting includes all necessary foundations for the fire pumps to be installed.
  • The standard floor surface that can be walked on consists of plywood panels and is finished with tear plates. Optional is a liquid-tight floor.
  • The roof of the pump room is finished with EPDM.
  • Central drainage of the leakage water possible.


  • Pipes for suction, pressure, test, auxiliary and control pipes, dimensioned according to the standard.
  • Pressure, suction and test line standard in RAL 3001.
  • Pipes up to a nominal width of 2” are constructed as galvanized threaded pipes, with the exception of the fuel filler pipe.
  • All necessary fittings according to standard.
  • Complete electrical equipment consisting of lighting, heating, ventilation and main sub-distribution. 


  • The size of the prefab pump room is determined depending on the wishes of the customer. This depends, among other things, on the number of Firepacks and the size of the associated pipework.

Factory Acceptance:

  • The prefab pump room is tested for functionality before delivery. This test consists of a test of the Firepack in one of our test rooms. In addition, the pipes are pressure tested according to the rules of NFPA20.
  • Corresponding test reports are part of the manual.

Unique combination of experience and knowledge

WB Fireapacks is one of the most modern and respected companies in the field of Firepacks. We unburden our customers throughout the entire process: selection and purchase, installation and commissioning, testing, certification and maintenance. In addition to reliability and trouble-free operation, our Firepacks offer first-class fire protection. Reliability is the key word that every employee stands for. More than 10,000 companies in Europe and beyond rely on WB Firepacks 24 hours a day, all year round. WB Firepacks is busy day and night with the total concept of fire fighting!

Prefab pompkamer - INEOS Aromatics - WB Firepacks (4)
Prefab pompkamer - INEOS Aromatics - WB Firepacks (2)

INEOS Aromatics

The largest prefab pump room produced is located in Geel

Measuring 8 x 16 metres, the new prefab pump room of INEOS BELGIUM in Geel is the largest WB Firepacks had ever produced. Durable, user-friendly, flexible and, of course, in compliance with all safety requirements. The pump room, together with two fire extinguishing water tanks – which were also built using innovative technology – are part of the renewed safety installation.

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