Introduce... Martin Groenendaal

This time we are introduced to Martin Groenendaal in the section ''Introduce...''. Martin has been involved with technology from an early age. He tinkered with mopeds and assembled computers. Now he has been a strong holder in the field of panel construction and wiring Firepack sets at WB Firepacks for more than 11 years!

Martin Groenendaal - WB Firepacks


“Martin Groenendaal, 52, lives with my wife and daughter in the center of Zwijndrecht. I have enjoyed working at WB Firepacks since 2010. My work mainly consists of panel construction for electrical and diesel Firepacks. In addition to this work, I also regularly wire the Firepack sets.”

Where does your passion for technology come from?

The technology is something that is not foreign to Martin. Given his past, it explains a lot that he's in the right place here. “I got my technical background from my father. I have been working with my hands from an early age, it started as a child with Lego Technics. Later this went over to the tinkering and tuning of mopeds. And later still, I started assembling computers.”

What makes working at WB Firepacks so much fun for you?

At WB Firepacks we deal with many different departments. These run alongside each other, but also have a lot in common. This ensures that you have to deal with many different colleagues and that no day is the same. “The versatility of my job is great fun. I can say that no day is the same for me. In addition to the versatility, it is a very pleasant team to work in.”

As he describes above, Martin never gets bored. I therefore also asked Martin the following question: “What makes you go to work smiling?”. His answer in this was very clear: “Because it will never be a dull day!”.

What are you really proud of since you started working at WB Firepacks?

Martin does not have a specific project that he is extremely proud of. He is especially proud of all the projects he was able to contribute to. “I don't have a specific project that I'm proud of. I am especially proud when I see a photo or video in the newsletter or on social media with an electric or diesel Firepacks that I have built.”

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