Introduce... Martijn Evers

Deze keer maken we kennis met Martijn Evers in de rubriek ”Even voorstellen…”. Martijn is al ruim  4 jaar werkzaam bij WB Firepacks. Zijn eerste opdracht bij WB Firepacks voerde hij uit vanuit een externe organisatie. Na deze periode wisten wij al snel dat we Martijn moesten toevoegen aan ons Engineersteam!

Martijn - Mechanical & Process Engineer - WB Firepacks


“Martijn Evers, who lives in Oosterhout. As a Mechanical & Process Engineer I have been responsible for designing, analysing, monitoring and improving processes and installations within the Engineering department since 2017.

In my spare time I can regularly be found in various attraction and theme parks. Not only for the excitement and sensation, but also a place where I can express my passion with technology. I experience this together with friends and family.”

Where does your passion for technology come from?

“Technology runs in our family, from electrical engineering to construction. Technology has always been a common thread through my life. Losing your egg in technical creative thoughts and processes and seeing this come to reality is the best thing there is!”

What is your goal for the coming year?

“My goal for the coming year is to streamline the processes within the Engineering department even better and to further optimize our products together with my colleagues. Engineering is the technical translator between our Sales department and Workshop. We as Engineers translate customer wishes into a technically well-functioning product and ensure the correct transfer to our production employees. All aspects of technology come together here, such as Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.”

What are you really proud of since you started working at WB Firepacks?

“For me, one of the larger projects within WB Firepacks is the EUROPACK. There has been a desire within the organization for some time to develop a standard Firepack, both in terms of form and the entire process. The EUROPACK is a modular frame, suitable for multiple pump and motor combinations. Previously, a unique frame was developed for each pump and motor combination. This makes the EUROPACK widely applicable.

In addition to the improvements for our production employees, I, together with other colleagues, looked at the entire process of the Engineering trajectory. Making certain things standard, both in steel and in our software, not only makes the process easier, the chance of inaccuracies is also reduced. This allows us to complete the project faster and more carefully.

What makes me proud to have participated in the development process of the EUROPACK is that we have been able to bring a wonderful product to the market, and have implemented process improvements throughout the organization.”

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