15 September 2021

Corina – Assistant Controller

Introduce... Corina Sneijer

It's not just men who work in this technical world. This time we are introduced to Corina Sneijer in the section ''Introduce yourself...''. Corina has been fascinated by working with numbers from an early age. She has been working for WB Firepacks as an assistant controller for over 10 years. She knows the organization and all colleagues through and through. She has recently become a team leader of the administration department!

Corina Sneijer - WB Firepacks


“I am Corina Sneijer, born and raised in Rotterdam. Living in beautiful Zwijndrecht for over 14 years now with my partner Richard. We have three children together, aged 17, 21 and 27 and since last July 22 we can also call ourselves Grandpa and Grandma. I have been working at WB Firepacks since March 2011 as an assistant controller and from February this year also team leader of the Administration department. In my spare time I like to play tennis and I also like to spend my time with family and friends. In short, enjoying the Burgundian life together, I'll just say…”

What does a day as an Assistant Controller look like?

We can say that no two days at Corina are the same. “I am involved in, among other things, the management of the administration, debtor management and the control of projects that have to be delivered. I also prepare weekly payments from our suppliers, check turnover, file VAT returns, prepare month-end closing and so on.”

In addition to acting as Assistant Controller, Corina is also team leader of the Administration department. She has been working for WB Firepacks for over 10 years. Before she became a team leader, she already worked closely with everyone in this department. She expresses her close relationship with her colleagues in her goal for the coming year. “What I like to set as a goal for myself is to have our department function as well as possible with the fine group we now have and to develop that further.”

What made you do this work?

“I started doing this job because I really like working with numbers and getting it right when I'm not. My first job was at an IT company in the Drechtsteden region and there I was given the opportunity to develop myself in the field of accounting. At the time, I completed various accounting courses in the evenings. In addition, within this company I was responsible for the sale and support of accounting packages and of course the own administration. So the passion for accounting started at an early stage.”

Which project within the organization are you proud to have contributed to?

“I am very proud of the fact that I was able to participate in and test the latest ISAH version within the organization and that I was also able to temporarily carry out the payroll administration. Fortunately, this has also been taken over by my colleague Mirjam, because the personnel department does not only consist of salary administration.”

What makes you smile when you go to work?

To continue working for an organization for more than 10 years, the organization has to invest, but also you as a person: “I usually go to work every day with a smile because I know that we will get back to work with our department. to get everything back together in terms of work and it's great to say at the end of the day "So we've all done that again!". “

Corina makes the most of her time at WB Firepacks by investing in her colleagues, but also in her own development. She does this by coming up with possible improvements herself: “I really enjoy working at WB Firepacks because I can work with so many different types of people. What I also like is that people listen to their own ideas and that something is actually done with them. I also think that WB Firepacks is a very good employer, given all the employment conditions that are available.”

Dus even kort samengevat. Wat moet jij doen om 10 jaar bij je baas te blijven werken:  “Ja, ik val een beetje in herhaling maar ik ben hier al 10 jaar aan het werk omdat het voor mij nog steeds heel veel uitdagingen bied en het dus zeker niet saai is. En natuurlijk het allerbelangrijkst dat mijn collega’s er ook voor zorgen dat ik niet weg wil want we lachen wat af met elkaar !”

With these beautiful words we close the section "Introduce..." for this time with Corina!

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