Wouldn’t it be nice to always have full control over all sprinkler systems? Or have a professional system that offers sustainable benefits?

Firecoach makes it possible to remotely monitor the performance of pump sets. This makes it possible to see the current status of sprinkler systems remotely. The advantage of Firecoach is that no one has to physically go to the location to see this.

In addition to monitoring, Firecoach makes it possible to remotely control sprinkler systems. Weekly tests can be performed remotely with Firecoach. This will happen through the same protocols as in the field. In this way, multiple tests can be done each day.

Professioneel en duurzaam systeem voor beheer sprinklerinstallatie - Firecoach


  1. Remote insight into all installations
  2. Firecoach intervenes in case of calamities
  3. Logging data online
  4. More efficient deployment of colleagues
  5. Reduction of fuel consumption
  6. Reduction of downtime
  7. Integration into existing control systems

Key features

Reporting certificate

The collected data is stored in the Cloud. Firecoach reports are easy to download for internal use.

API interface

It is possible to integrate Firecoach on existing Fire Report Centre/Building management systems/ customers’ own systems, in short, creating Application Programming Interfaces (API).

Predictive maintenance

By collecting data from sprinkler systems over a longer period. Maintenance can be predicted in the future.

Other products

Firecoach can be connected to other products, e.g. foam solutions or jockey pumps.


Connected 24/7 to all installations. The system intervenes in the event of calamities. Events are detected and communicated immeditely. In this way, events are diagnosed and immediate action can be taken.

Remote control

Control pump sets remotely. The main requirement is to guarantee at least the same level of quality, but in a more efficient way. Colleagues need to drive less to different pump rooms and can test multiple sprinkler systems each day.

Innovation positioning

It is important to always think about how something can be improved. This requires an innovation positioning.

Technical requirements

Firecoach moduleExtendersControl module
Reporting certificateXOptional
Predictive maintenanceXOptional
Remote controlXOptionalX
Other productsXOptionalOptional


Safety should never be compromised. Firecoach is an additional module, which means it cannot replace the controller. All components are still fail-safe in this way and the operation of the existing system is not compromised. Controlling pump sets requires two-way communication (there is an incoming and outgoing signal). This is always in combination with the latest security updates. beveiligingsupdates.

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