Electronic Foam Proportioner (EFP®)

Electronic Foam Proportioner (EFP®)

The EFP is a maintenance-friendly and easy-to-test fire safety system for the safe storage of flammable substances and flammable liquids. The EFP has a mixing accuracy of 0.1% around the required mixing ratio with no pressure losses in the water stream. With only two control valves, the CPU automatically measures system performance every 24 hours.

The internal testing facility allows you to test the EFP annually or even weekly without mixing the foam concentrate with water. With no loss of foam concentrate or environmental damage during testing, the EFP significantly reduces maintenance costs.

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Main features

  • Proportioning accuracy is maintained regardless of temperature or viscosity of the foam concentrate.
  • The mixing accuracy of 0,1% around the required mixing ratio.
  • Test provisions to test the system on a yearly (or even weekly) basis according to NFPA rules, without actually mixing foam concentrate with water. So no loss of foam concentrate, no environmental damage and significant reduction in costs.
  • A wide range of flow conditions while dosage accuracy is maintained.
  • Zero pressure loss in the water system.
  • FM approved versions are available.


The EFP® is an incredibly accurate electronically controlled wide range foam proportioning system. The principle function of the EFP® is the accurate measurement of both the foam concentrates and the water supply with electromagnetic flow meters (EMF).

The EFP®’s heart, the central processing unit (CPU), measures out the correct amount of foam concentrate required for the proportioning and continually monitors the amount of foam mixed in. Two electronic valves control the flow at all times and maintain proper foam pressure.

The EFP® is designed to achieve the required proportioning stability within 30 seconds from start-up in a typical system. With several applications, a response time of 10 seconds was achieved. Such a quick response time ensures the least amount of water spread across the fire, which improves foam efficiency.

The EFP® is equipped with a test facility which enable the operator to test the system without proportioning foam concentrate into the water flow. These types of tests can be executed alongside the Firepacks trails on a weekly basis. In test mode, by switching on the testing valves, the foam concentrate measured and regulated by the EFP® is transferred back to the reservoir.

In designing the EFP®, the ‘fail-safe philosophy’ as employed in extinguishing systems were vital. Consequentially, the entire construction is based on established components from the process industry. Besides this, all piping is stainless steel and only flange connection are employed.

The EFP® operates on a 24-volt DC power supply allowing the use of back-up power supplies such as diesel Firepacks or battery packs. The EFP® CPU continually monitors and analyses its own functioning on all cable connection. Every 24 hours both electronic valves are opened and closed completely from rest position in order to prevent them sticking together.

The EFP® is certified and meets many regulations such as NFPA, VAS, CEA and VdS.

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Technical specifications

Working principle: Closed loop based on EMF-flow meters
Controls : Siemens PLC
Flow meter: Krohne EMF (for foam and water circuits)
Pressure sensors : Endress & Hauser, 0-25 bar, 4-20 mA
Regulation valves Regulation ball valves DN 50 or DN 80
Start-up time : 0 – 100% in 8 seconds
Construction DN 50, 316 stainless steel, flange connections
Monitor function - continuous monitoring of flow meter and pressure transducer
- daily automatic functionality testing of the regulation valves
- test valves equipped with limit-switch
- when operational, constant monitoring of amount and pressure
Alert : Request by fire alarm or pump controller
Potential-free contacts: Test valves in test position, general malfunctions
Power supply24V DC (from the pump controller),
alimentation optionnelle 1 ~ 230V 50 Hz et/ou UPS
Proportioning ratio 0,5 - 6%
Foam concentrate pressure Max. 25 bar (360 psi)
Proportioning accuracy Within 0,1% of the selected proportioning ratio
Certification : FM certification (at DN50)
Dimensions: Width x height x depth = 920 x 1650 x 532 mm
Operating temperature 4 ... 55°C
Dynamic Viscosity (FM) 1 ... 4000 cP (21 ° C) (1 cP = 1 g / (cm • s)


TypeDescriptionFoam concentrate performance
DN50EFP-NLS (non-listed)0,827
DN50EFP-NLH (non-listed)1,650
DN50EFP-FMS (FM-approved)0,827
DN50EFP-FMH (FM-approved)1,634

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