EFP Compack

EFP Compack

The EFP Compack is a guarantee for the future. The product combination consists of three components: the drive (electric/diesel), the foam pump (Fire Lion) and a foam proportioning system (the EFP). The components have proven their quality independently of each other. All these components are available with an Approval. The fact that these are combined in a compact way makes this a “plug and play system”.

Main features

  • This system is ready to run; a plug and play system
  • This EFP Compack pursues the highest quality requirements based on the existing certifications
  • Custom configurations possible.
  • Proportioning accuracy is maintained regardless of temperature or viscosity of the foam concentrate
  • Mixing accuracy of 0,1%
  • Test provisions to test the system without actually mixing foam concentrate with water. So no loss of foam concentrate, no environmental damage and significant reduction in costs
  • A wide range of flow conditions while maintaining dosing accuracy.
  • Self diagnostic


The EFP Compack is the all-in-one solution with unparalleled accuracy.

This system is immediately ready for use. This plug and play system includes:

  • Electronic Foam Proportioner (EFP®)
  • Fire Lion foam pump
  • Electric or diesel engine

The EFP Compack is the most complete solution. You don't have to choose between options or modifications to get a complete set. The following options are included:

  • Real-time display of water flow and pressure
  • Real-time display of concentrate flow and pressure
  • Real-time display of actual and desired mixing ratio

With this application you have the ideal all-in-one foam application that prepares you for the future.

The EFP® is an incredibly accurate electronically controlled wide range foam proportioning system. The principle function of the EFP® is the accurate measurement of both the foam concentrates and the water supply with electromagnetic flow meters (EMF).

The EFP®’s heart, the central processing unit (CPU), measures out the correct amount of foam concentrate required for the proportioning and continually monitors the amount of foam mixed in. Two electronic valves control the flow at all times and maintain proper foam pressure.

The EFP® is equipped with a test facility to allow the operator to test the system without actually mixing the foam concentrate with the water stream. These kinds of tests cannot be performed every week in addition to the Firepacks tests. The Fire Lion froth pump should be tested monthly. By switching the monitored test valves in test mode, the amount of foam concentrate calculated and regulated by the EFP® is returned to the storage tank.

The Fire Lion pumps are specialized foam pumps with rotating gears and positive displacement pumps. Drive options are in combination with an electric or diesel engine. The foam pump pumps the foam concentrate to the EFP® during a test or fire mode. The EFP® injects the correct amount of foam concentrate into the water pipe.

Constructie - EFP Compack - schuimsets en bijmengsystemen - oplossingen - WB Firepacks

Technical specifications

Inhoud : Closed loop based on EMF-flow meters
Controls : Siemens PLC
Flow meter: Krohne EMF (for foam and water circuits)
Pressure sensors : Endress & Hauser, 0-25 bar, 4-20 mA
Regulation valves Electronically operated ball valves with V-port opening for accurate control
Start-up time : 0 – 100% in 8 seconds
Construction DN 50, 316 stainless steel, flange connections
Monitor function - continuous monitoring of flow meter and pressure transducer
- daily automatic functionality testing of the regulation valves
- test valves equipped with limit-switch
- when operational, constant monitoring of amount and pressure
Alert : Request by fire alarm or pump controller
Proportioning ratio 0,5 - 6%
Foam concentrate pressure - Non-listed max. 20,68 bar (300 psi) - FM Approved max. 18 bar (261 psi)
Proportioning accuracy Within 0,1% of the selected proportioning ratio
Operating temperature 4 ... 55°C
Dynamic Viscosity (FM) 1 ... 4000 cP (21 ° C) (1 cP = 1 g / (cm • s)
Perfomance foam concentrate - Non-listed between 0,8 and 50 m3/h (4 and 220 USgpm)
- FM Approved between 0,8 and 34 m3/h (4 and 150 USgpm)

Function diagram

  • EFP® units can be purchased individually or configured in electric or diesel engine systems.
  • The pressure sensor, flow meter and non-return valve are supplied separately and other components can optionally be supplied separately for flexible field installation.
  • Different configurations are available to suit your hazard.
Sloecentrale - WB Firepacks V3
EFP Compack - Sloecentrale - WB Firepacks
EFP Compack - Sloecentrale - WB Firepacks (2)


The EFP Compack monitors a state-of-the-art gas-fired power station

The Sloe power station is an extremely advanced gas-fired power station. In addition to high reliability and flexibility, their top priority was safety. An important, but specific part of this is fire safety. The objective was to achieve the HPR (High Protected Risk) status.

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