Quality and reliability

Quality and reliability

Reliability is key. It is what all of our employees live by. Over 10,000 European and non-European businesses rely on WB Firepacks, 24 hours per day, every day of the year. Every aspect of the inside and outside of the pump chamber – the heart of the installations – receives our express attention.

Our reliability is expressed in good quality solutions. Naturally, we have been certified to safeguard optimum quality.

In-house quality testing

The quality of our solutions is crucial for our company. For that reason, we are equipped with two testing centres in Zwijndrecht, where we test full Firepacks and pump chambers at full capacity and functionality. We also test and measure individual components, such as noise, vibration, and emissions.

The testing centres are designed in accordance with FM, NFPA, EN 12845 and CEA regulations, ensuring that we meet the latest guidelines and legislation. In our testing centres, we test Firepacks with a capacity of up to 1500 m33/h and with a power output up to 750 kW. The Firepacks were manufacture are tested in-house before delivery. We leave nothing to chance!