Our mission

Our mission

WB Firepacks is an international manufacturer, installer and maintenance partner of pump installations for extinguishing systems. Together we have been making society more fire-safe for over 50 years. We do this from our head office in the Netherlands in close collaboration with consultants, installers and (end) users of sprinkler, mist and foam solutions.

All our installations meet – at a minimum – the strictest (inter)national standards. We guarantee 100% reliability. We take care of our customers in the entire process: selection and purchase, installation and commissioning, inspect, certify and maintain the installation. That also means that we always deliver custom work; every environment requires a specific, own extinguishing method. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we ensure that safety is never compromised. WB Firepacks: Our Power, Your Safety.

WB Firepacks and customers

We support in the choice of the most optimal pump installation(s) for various utility, industrial and logistics applications. This concerns new construction, but also renovation of existing installations. We provide a concrete (long-term) maintenance plan and all associated service activities. In this way we lower and stabilize the total cost of ownership for our customers, without compromising quality and reliability.

WB Firepacks and employees

Our employees develop, produce, test, install and maintain the heart of the installation: the pump installation. In order to be able to continue to guarantee fire safety to our customers, we are continuously developing our employees. With the help of coaching in a safe working environment and a wide range of training and education, we ensure that our customers can also count on us in the future.

We want to be an inspiring environment for our employees. We offer space for young and old, experienced and inexperienced. With intelligence, creativity and a generation full of inspiration, we create an exciting working environment where people like to work (or continue to work).