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Lumipol Group

WB Firepacks is part of the Lumipol Group. Lumipol Group is the umbrella organisation of a number of leading, internationally operating technological companies. The common denominator: Powering the world.

The companies are active in the area of power systems, or power trains. Lumipol is operative in different niche markets: diesel engines, pumps, generators and related control electronics. From advice around applications up to and including jointly constructing a complete powertrain: as a technology partner, Lumipol keeps surprising its customers in a positive way, by means of total solutions.

There are three organisations within the Lumipol Group, occupied with fire prevention: WB Firepacks, HSA Firepacks and Fire Lion Global. WB Firepacks (Netherlands) and HSA Firepacks (German) are total suppliers in the area of fire prevention-solutions. In addition to supplying new solutions, these companies also see to service and renovation activities. Fire Lion is the expert in the area of the foam modules. They produce and distribute foam pumps from Vancouver (USA).

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Various technical international manufacturing companies fall under the Lumipol flag. Each with its own product portfolio, identity and independence.