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About WB Firepacks

WB Firepacks develops, produces, tests, installs, repairs and maintains Firepacks: diesel and electric motor-driven pump sets for fire-extinguishing systems. So we are committed, on a daily basis, with the essence of fire protection. Everything in and around the pump chamber - the heart of the installation – is given our express attention. We supply our Firepacks and other fire prevention solutions to sprinkler installers and to end users across Europe. In the Benelux, we are the undisputed market leader.

From our head-office in Zwijndrecht (the Netherlands) our Designers and Engineers are working on tomorrow’s fire safety. In addition to developing and producing new Firepacks, the maintenance of existing fire pumps is an essential business unit. We perform maintenance on our own products, but we can also see to the maintenance of other fire extinguishing pumps. Our own Service Engineers are out and about on a daily basis to maintain and optimise existing fire pumps. We perform all of our work activities using our own staff: from the design up to testing and from commissioning on location to service and maintenance.

Given our history, we have we been supplying Firepacks and other solutions for quite some time. How long is such an installation able to perform, maximally? There should be no doubt about the performance of a fire pump. That is what our renovation-department is responding to. It could so happen that a fire pump is no longer able to achieve its operating point, due to ageing. In that case, our renovation department appears. While inspecting, our experts will decide what it takes to optimally deploy the installation once again.

How can you get the most out of your fire-extinguishing system? WB Firepacks employs experts who will be happy to share with you the technical aspects of our solutions. We will also be happy to share this knowledge with you via our WB Firepacks Academy.


While we started as a supplier of pumps, WB Firepacks has been committed to serving various customers and supplier ever since 1907. This wonderful company was founded in Groningen, under the name Van Wijk & Boerma and has seen incredible development since. In 1955, the specialism in fire pumps for sprinkler installations was born. Since 2019, we continued under the name WB Firepacks.

Firepacks Group

Firepacks Group is a technical, international group of companies within fire extinguishing applications. These international ambitions are reflected in the various international branches: the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United States. Firepacks Group plays an important role in the (fire) safety of society. We care about the safety of tomorrow.

Quality and reliability

Reliability is the key word that all our staff stand for. More than 10,000 companies in or outside Europe rely on WB Firepacks. 24 hours per day, throughout the year. We are committed to the heart of fire protection on a daily basis.

Take a look behind the scenes at WB Firepacks!

Corporate brochure

Download our corporate brochure here for more information about our organization.

Lumipol Group

WB Firepacks is part of the Lumipol Group. Lumipol Group is the umbrella organization of a number of internationally operating technological and innovative companies. The common denominator: Powering the world.

Partners & Collaborations

We are committed to the fire protection industry. In this we work together with various parties.